Saturday, January 23, 2010

Word Cloud


 Wordle is a site where you can construct word clouds.  The one here simply linked to this blog and automatically generated a word cloud from much of the text found here.  You can make your own word cloud like this one of a few of the words that bug me.


  • Once the word cloud is created, select Open in Window.
  • Make a screen shot of your cloud (Ctrl + Print Screen).
  • If you’re using Windows Live Writer, paste your screen shot into the post you’re working on.
  • Select the cloud and crop using the option in the Advanced tab.
  • Do not use a border.

I leave these instructions for myself because I will forget in no time.  These remedial steps are in no way meant to insult any savvy technos that are rolling their eyes in wonder and disgust.


L said...

Some of the greens are too pale to see all of the words. Whatever.


It looked good when I selected the colors. Guess some were washed out in the translation.

You get the idea though.

g said...

It would be a good way for a writer to cure herself of habitual verbal tics. I'm afraid to try it.