Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day



Some people find Americans arrogant.  Arrogant is being confused with confidence.  In our country’s short history sometimes the biggest weapon we had was confidence.  We weren’t supposed to win so many confrontations because we were only Americans.  Today, some Americans are apologetic for our confidence and our way of life.  They are intent on redesigning our country to resemble a socialistic and sometimes communistic way of life.   That’s the kind of life others are trying to escape with hopes of coming to America to live free.

Are these Americans insane!  I believe so.  These scary types disgust me with some of their shocking comments.  Perhaps those comments are only meant to shock.  Congratulations.  I’m shocked when I read that you admire the terrorists of 9/11.  You’re the same type that want to take more from me so you can have more yourself.  I don’t like you.  I don’t like your thinking.  Strangely, I would welcome you into my garden for a discussion so I could guide you to see how wonderful our country is and encourage you to stop trying to destroy the USA.  So many fight for your right to say the shocking junk you spew.  So many have died so you can try to bring this great country down.  Yet you insist you’re right.

Now who’s arrogant?

Remember those that have given their lives so you and I can live as freely as we do.  I hope you can appreciate them for a moment.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

“Suckin’ on his Mama’s Tit”

I just can’t stop.

Dipping into more examples from the movies on good guys fighting for the right.  Uncle Hub from Secondhand Lions shows a fine example of what happens when you push good natured citizens to the brink.  Somethin’s gotta  give.  The tit has dried up.

Uncle Hub represents Arizona and their fight against illegal immigration.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fight for the Right…

In keeping with the whole illegal immigration thing, I bring you the awesome Bick Benedict.

Now Arizona isn’t proposing to take on illegal immigration ala Sarge.  Arizona is merely protecting its citizens---all of its citizens.  I would liken Sarge to those siding with illegal immigration---forcing illegal junk on citizens.  Big bullies.

Good Ol’ Bick is representing Arizona citizens---all of its citizens.  He’s fighting for the protection of everyone.  He’s fighting for the right. 

The recent play by Arizona’s Corporation Commission threatening to restructure contracts providing electricity to Los Angeles due to the LA boycott of Arizona delights me.  What great strategy.  I’m almost certain the energy could be put to good use in neighboring Las Vegas.  Has anyone in California bothered to read Section 834 of the California Penal Code?  Geez – it looks like Arizona’s SB1070.  The only difference is Arizona plans to finally enforce the law.  California is just grabbing its ankles.  Ouch.

I do hope the fight to enforce immigration laws is more successful than Good Ol’ Bick’s fight.


Side note:  Rock Hudson – what a waste of man.  Mmmmm.  Mmmmm.  Mmmmm.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arizona Has Taken Off Those Rainbow Shades!

 image Arizona is realizing the wrath of two bankrupt (financially and morally) cities in bankrupt California along with other ne’er do wells.  These modern day Gomorrahs view things so totally opposite from me that one day I may take a bite of the mushroom they are enjoying to see what it’s like.

Until then, I plan to throw financial support to businesses in Arizona.  There are organic gardening supply companies, organic beefpet supplies, and most anything else you might need.  I can send support via the internet OR I could take a trip and see the desert before the heat takes hold OR I could encourage others to plan their meetings, seminars, conferences, and vacations in the desert southwest of Arizona.

I will not intentionally toss my dollars (as weak as they are) toward Los Angeles or San Francisco.  No way.  Stand firm Arizona for what you believe.  There are many more of us supporting you.image Saguaro Cactus Blossom – Carnegica Gigantea

Arizona State Flower

And who didn’t have a crush on Mark Lindsay?

Hello?  Anyone?  Anyone there?  Hello?