Monday, November 1, 2010



Please vote.

I don’t want to wake up to this type of headline on Wednesday, November 3.

Don’t vote if you haven’t studied the issues and candidates.  Please.

Ladies, shame on you if you don’t vote.  We have only had the right to vote for 90 years. 

See you in the funny papers.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fire From The Heartland

This post is just plain good.  It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my thinking.  It’s nice to know that we’re piping up.  There will certainly be put downs from threatened people – mostly other women; but so what.  I’ll be interested to read rebuttals; but mostly I’ll be interested to learn how many more think like me.

Check out Fire From The Heartland The Awakening of the Conservative Woman.



Saturday, September 11, 2010



Nine years later I’m pleased to note that I’m free to hang my flags, free to speak, free to listen to, watch,  and read what I like.  Pretty much the only thing I have to endure are rude comments trying to belittle my mindset and those like me.  Fine. 

It works both ways; but I refrain from the demeaning comments to those opposing me.  Rather, I am interested to try to understand that thinking that is different than mine.  Sometimes I understand.  Sometimes Most times I’m exasperated and really can’t bother.  Arguing is not my bag unless I can do it in a few words.  If not, I prefer to be out in the garden – alone with my thoughts.  That’s pretty much why I haven’t posted anything here for quite some time. 

I take solace in knowing that my ideas and values are not so outrageous.  There are many, many more that join me.  This is validating.  This is encouraging.  I know that being in a herd isn’t always a good thing.  But right now I believe many of us feel so strongly about some issues that we are not being silent as usual.

I’m pleased to note that I’m free to hang my flags and all the other benefits enjoyed in America.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Order in the Court

The legal saga continues.

imageThe disagreement is moving to small claims court.  Someone must have notified Judge Judy.  Her program contacted the plaintiff (defendant in the harassment junk posted earlier) to offer a spot on the program.  Outrageous!  They pay expenses (travel/hotel) to come to Hollywood for taping of the program.  This was no big shakes considering that both parties live in the area.  The big selling point was that the Judge Judy Show would also pay for anything awarded to the plaintiff.  That’s right.  The defendant would not have to pay a thing.  Zero.  On top of that, each player would be paid $400.  That’s a nice piece of pocket change.

The plaintiff accepted.  The defendant continued to be a big, fat, stinky turd and declined.  She is gambling that a judge in court will rule in her favor.  This seems unlikely since there are legal documents backing up the claim.  When the judge rules in favor of the plaintiff, the defendant will be responsible for the entire award.  The good people at the Judge Judy Show will not pick up the tab.

The defendant may get another chance.  Judge Pirro may have access to the same case list as the Judge Judy Show.  If they make an offer, take it.  It’s not often that you get a 2nd chance.


It’s a shame that this case couldn’t be heard in front of  Sammy Davis Jr.


Or even better…the super funky Pigmeat Markham!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Help Yourself

Last week I was in Los Angeles (please pronounce as the late Mayor Sam Yorty said: Los Angles).  I was there to assist a citizen with some legal matters.  The disagreement had escalated to a courtroom.  That’s fine.  The legal system, for the most part, is there to resolve such issues.  The plaintiff had not notified the defendant properly of the court date.  The plaintiff did not expect the defendant to appear.  The plaintiff filled her pants upon the sight of the defendant in the hallway waiting to answer the plaintiff’s complaint.

It was wonderful to experience the legal system at work.  The plaintiff’s complaint was voided via an agreement with a mediator.  It wasn’t as satisfying as going before a judge and having the decision ruled in your favor.  It wasn’t as satisfying as hearing the theme song to Perry Mason as you walk out of the courtroom feeling like Della Street (That’s me in the center of the picture below.  Not really.).  It was satisfying just the same to come away exposing the plaintiff as an unprepared little twit that would do well to meet her legal obligations with the responsibility of a grown up adult.image

My citizen companion was enthusiastic to play a game of Let’s Cast the Courtroom.  This helped pass the time as we waited 1/2 hour for the judge to arrive.  Note to Judge:  punctuality is appreciated on both sides of the bench.  While I was using Barbara Hale as Della Street to play my role, Sam Waterston playing Law & Order’s Jack McCoy is how the defendant wanted to be cast.  Done.  The remainder of the casting will be revealed via a comedy sketch someday. image

Now the judge ordered the feuding plaintiff and defendant to go to mediation and see if they could work things out even though both, when asked, refused mediation.  This was an entertaining time for me as if I has slipped down the rabbit hole.  The mediator directed me to wait on a concrete bench in the courthouse lobby while the others went to discuss their differences.  This was boring.  I wandered into the Self Help Center.  I had hopes of delving into all sorts of legal reading material.  Sadly, there was only a wire rack with a few fliers in Spanish.  There was one piece of paper in English.  I sat down to learn more.  After that stale piece of literature was consumed, I noticed that I was sitting at a computer for the public.  Since some of the court staff members were surprised that the defendant even knew about the court hearing, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see how long it would take for me to look up the court schedule using a public computer.  My experiment was interrupted.

“Are you here for the Self Help Center?” I was asked by the young clerk  behind the counter located further into the room. 

“No.  I’m waiting for someone in mediation,” I responded and continued scrolling through the case timeline.

“You can’t be in here unless you’re using the Self Help Center.  You have to sign in to use the computers.”

“Oh.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t see a sign telling me to sign in.”  I stood up and moved to the counter.

“Are you here for the Self Help Center?” she asked again.

Looking to the two other occupants in the room for confirmation that I was spiraling down the rabbit hole I replied, “Yes.  Yes I am here to help myself.”  Certainly the Self Help Center was meant for people to help themselves regarding legal matters.

“Are you working on some forms?”

“No.  I was simply looking at a court schedule; but I can help myself.  Do I need to sign in?”

“Well, finish looking up the schedule then you have to leave.  This is for self help.  You can’t be here.”

My head must be fuzzy from my travel to LA and the short amount of sleep I had prior to the court appointment.  Did she really ask me to leave the Self Help Center because I was helping myself?  I needed a drink of water.  I shut down that computer and searched for water.  Out on the street are vendors similar to the little boy selling tomales in the crowd at the hanging in True Grit.  I grabbed a couple of bottles and went back in.

My companion (aka Jack McCoy) said that she had requested that I be called in but the mediator refused.  Okay, I’m getting wound up that the case was being forced to mediation, then I got kicked out the Self Help Center, now I find out I was banned from mediation.  They would call the two of us in shortly.  In the meantime, we relished the cool water and went into the Self Help Center to look at our files and wait.

Glory be.  A different Self Help Clerk asks us if we were there to use the Self Help Center.  ( I swear they both used the words Self Help Center close to a gajillion times.)  I explained that we were waiting to reenter mediation and had materials to work on.  No good.

“We’re here to help you at the Self Help Center.”  REMARKABLE!  “We’re here to help you with forms.  Do you have forms you need help with?”

“No thank you.  We can work on them by our selves.”

“You can’t stay here unless you’re using the Self Help Center.”

At this point, the clerk rises to her feet and holds her hand up pointing to the letters on the wall behind her showing us with the tone of a kindergarten teacher that this is the SELF HELP CENTER.

“I get it.  We’re helping ourselves.”  Please note that old Jack McCoy is silent during this entire exchange.  Perhaps Jack was simply enjoying the trip we were on.

“What is the reason for your attitude?” the kindergarten clerk snapped.

That did it.  I came unwound and proceeded to inform the clerk that her insanity was the reason for my attitude.  I can’t remember the dialogue at this point.  The mushrooms must have kicked in.

Jack and I retreated to the area just outside the doors of the Self Help Center.  I proposed to take a headcount for all the citizens rushing in to use the Self Help Center.  Not one person entered during this experiment.  These clerks with jobs to serve the public must have had terrible experiences to make them the worst customer service representatives I’ve ever encountered.  Ever – that includes England.

Upon my return trip to the courthouse next month, I would like to present to these young ladies a token to remember our shared experience together:

image This bumper sticker was seen on a vehicle in Oildale, California.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Yes.  I’m a cracker.  Who doesn’t love a good cracker?  No one.  That’s who.


Good cracker.  Good cracker.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010



I’ve been experiencing the judicial process known as jury duty this week.  Yipes.  There is certainly something to be said for cowboy justice.  Oh well,  the experience stretches on.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Peggy West…doh!

Now, I spout of sometimes and say some pretty stupid things; but next to good old Peggy I’m a genius.  Peggy West is a 12th District Supervisor in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.  

Thank goodness she’s not on the school board.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fake President

No surprise that me and Rachel Maddow do not have the same opinions on so many things.  Last night, I came to agree with her.  The Fake President Obama speech I watched on her program must have been due to planet alignment or something.  msnbc is not a channel I watch; but I stumbled upon her bit. 

She needs to be hired to be the stand-in for President Obama for all future speeches.  Her ability to present a speech that gets to the point, shows emotion, and presents leadership is so far beyond Obama’s that he would do well to at least hire her as a consultant (not that I want his ideas to move forward).  She’s got the skills.

And today, she met with Obama along with Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post, columnist Gail Collins of the New York Times, Gerald F. Seib of the Wall Street Journal and a handful of White House staffers according to the Washington Post.

I would like to propose she present to the President the same idea to control illegal immigration---plug the hole.

Now for your consideration…

Afterthought-  Since I live in an oil rich area and the economy here is driven by the success of that privately run enterprise that is overseen by the government, I’m not in a big hurry to stop the use of hydrocarbons and switch to unicorns.  However, locally, Chevron has installed a solar field in a portion of the Kern River Oilfield.  If Kern County and the southwest moved to solar power we just might be able to rule the world (or maybe ride unicorns to work).

The link to the solar field is a production of Chevron so…


Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Flag Day!

image It’s been 233 years since the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened that on June 14 by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777.  Get out and wave your flag.

Yes, before remote control.  Before cable.  We would adjust the bunny ears on the black & white TV and sing along with Mitch.  Everyone was facing the TV and singing the words as they appeared on the screen.  Simple entertainment.

And now for a classic:
James Cagney - "Yankee Doodle Dandy"

Roger | MySpace Video

Thursday, June 10, 2010


image Oh yes, I voted.  I’m one of the few.  Thanks to the rest of you for staying home.  My vote was made more powerful without having to deal with the business of cancelling your vote.  The minority of the population that voted rules the majority that didn’t take the time to mark a ballot.  Thank you.

Additionally, I have been called to jury duty.  What book should I take?  I’m considering True Grit since the movie is being re-made to more closely follow the book.  Do you think the attorneys will look at me with eyes for dismissal if I carry in a copy of True Grit?   Or will they look at with the eye(s) of  Rooster Cogburn?


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day Comment Addressed

imageI expressed my thoughts on a Memorial Day post last week.  Aunt Snow left a comment Saturday morning that I feel needs a response in a separate post.  Aunt Snow’s comment is broken down and in blue.  My response follows in bold.  Ready?  Here we go.

Maybelline, this bothers me.

This bothers me too. I’m glad I’m not alone.

I'm not sure I understand who you're talking to when you use the pronoun "you" in this piece.

“You” is 1st used in my post in reference to those that admire the terrorists of 9/11.

Who admires 9/11 terrorists? I am politically liberal and I don't know anyone who does.

I do not know these people that admire the acts of terrorists. I do however read opinions. The opinion that sparked my post was from a commenter replying to the plea from another blogger to list someone they admired that might be surprising. Here’s the comment:

“I live in NYC. I've lived here for over 20 years. Part of me admires part of the group that engineered 9/11. It was a brilliant plan, brilliantly executed and while it probably didn't do everything they wanted it to do it did change the course of the country for a long time, probably forever. I don't like them. I don't want them to have any more brilliant plans. But I admire that intelligence of the plan and near perfection of its execution.”

To be fair, that commenter was apprehensive to post this admiration. Nonetheless, I see nothing admirable with the 9/11 plan nor the terrorists involved. That commenter is not alone in their view. There are many others that hope much worse happens to America and Americans.

Who wants to take from you so that they can have more themselves?

The 1st thing that comes to mind is my tax increase. It’s constant. There is never a tax reduction or a temporary tax. More is taken from me in the form of taxes to redistribute to those receiving welfare type services and to support bigger government that doles out those services. Certainly I see the need for social programs to help those through a time of need. That should be such a minimal number in our population. Living on welfare should not be a way of life. Helping people obtain the tools they need in order to support themselves is what I believe works best. This gives people a sense of pride. A sense of purpose. The 2nd thing on my list is the financial burden of illegal aliens. Please note: I know the difference between immigrant and illegal alien. One brings something to the country in a legal fashion while another crowds and takes from this country.  Those of us that give are really getting tired of those that don’t.

I am politically liberal, and I don't know anyone who does.

I don’t know that you can hang a label on me. Neither liberal nor conservative fits me. Perhaps practical or functional works somehow. I think I like the term “button-down” to best describe me.

Who "spews" (can we have a moratorium on that word, BTW?) shocking junk, and - while you're at it - please quote the junk you find so shocking.

I like the word spew. Spew spew spew spew spew. No limit or restrictions on words here. It’s funny. After reading your comment I was listening to “Wait…Wait Don’t Tell Me” on NPR and heard the word “spew” repeated 3 times during the “Who’s Carl This Time” segment.

Shocking junk can be read and heard from practically all forms of communication today. I provided a quote above from a commenter to a post on another blog. This little blog of mine doesn’t require me to site a ding dong thing; but I would like to list one recent bit of junk I found very shocking from the sweet lips of opinionist (word I just made up) Helen Thomas:

Now THAT’S spew!

who are you addressing?

I am addressing anyone. Everyone. Kind of like art isn’t it? One individual may interpret this completely different from another.

I love talking with you about gardening, but you seem to be addressing a villain that doesn't really exist.

Dear Aunt Snow, I perceive you to be a kind and generous soul. If you could save the world you would. Your glasses are rose colored and I appreciate you for this. However, there are villains and they do exist. The world is a much different place than it was 40, 30, 20, 10 years ago.

Now, I’m not a writer. I studied rocks and I enjoy gardening. I would rather be out working in the garden right now; but I made the original post and need to address your comment. My hope is to communicate clearly with you without any negative tone attached to the typed words.

I live in Bakersfield, California. It’s a completely different place than where you live; but there are many, many more places similar to good old Bakersfield with many, many like minded citizens. Debate is not my thing either. Arguing is not something I cherish. My Memorial Day post is simply an outlet for me to express my thoughts. Your comment on my original post was certainly thought provoking and I do appreciate you taking the time to express yourself.  I hope that I have addressed your questions and concerns here.

Please enjoy this podcast of Wait…Wait Don’ Tell Me.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day



Some people find Americans arrogant.  Arrogant is being confused with confidence.  In our country’s short history sometimes the biggest weapon we had was confidence.  We weren’t supposed to win so many confrontations because we were only Americans.  Today, some Americans are apologetic for our confidence and our way of life.  They are intent on redesigning our country to resemble a socialistic and sometimes communistic way of life.   That’s the kind of life others are trying to escape with hopes of coming to America to live free.

Are these Americans insane!  I believe so.  These scary types disgust me with some of their shocking comments.  Perhaps those comments are only meant to shock.  Congratulations.  I’m shocked when I read that you admire the terrorists of 9/11.  You’re the same type that want to take more from me so you can have more yourself.  I don’t like you.  I don’t like your thinking.  Strangely, I would welcome you into my garden for a discussion so I could guide you to see how wonderful our country is and encourage you to stop trying to destroy the USA.  So many fight for your right to say the shocking junk you spew.  So many have died so you can try to bring this great country down.  Yet you insist you’re right.

Now who’s arrogant?

Remember those that have given their lives so you and I can live as freely as we do.  I hope you can appreciate them for a moment.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

“Suckin’ on his Mama’s Tit”

I just can’t stop.

Dipping into more examples from the movies on good guys fighting for the right.  Uncle Hub from Secondhand Lions shows a fine example of what happens when you push good natured citizens to the brink.  Somethin’s gotta  give.  The tit has dried up.

Uncle Hub represents Arizona and their fight against illegal immigration.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fight for the Right…

In keeping with the whole illegal immigration thing, I bring you the awesome Bick Benedict.

Now Arizona isn’t proposing to take on illegal immigration ala Sarge.  Arizona is merely protecting its citizens---all of its citizens.  I would liken Sarge to those siding with illegal immigration---forcing illegal junk on citizens.  Big bullies.

Good Ol’ Bick is representing Arizona citizens---all of its citizens.  He’s fighting for the protection of everyone.  He’s fighting for the right. 

The recent play by Arizona’s Corporation Commission threatening to restructure contracts providing electricity to Los Angeles due to the LA boycott of Arizona delights me.  What great strategy.  I’m almost certain the energy could be put to good use in neighboring Las Vegas.  Has anyone in California bothered to read Section 834 of the California Penal Code?  Geez – it looks like Arizona’s SB1070.  The only difference is Arizona plans to finally enforce the law.  California is just grabbing its ankles.  Ouch.

I do hope the fight to enforce immigration laws is more successful than Good Ol’ Bick’s fight.


Side note:  Rock Hudson – what a waste of man.  Mmmmm.  Mmmmm.  Mmmmm.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arizona Has Taken Off Those Rainbow Shades!

 image Arizona is realizing the wrath of two bankrupt (financially and morally) cities in bankrupt California along with other ne’er do wells.  These modern day Gomorrahs view things so totally opposite from me that one day I may take a bite of the mushroom they are enjoying to see what it’s like.

Until then, I plan to throw financial support to businesses in Arizona.  There are organic gardening supply companies, organic beefpet supplies, and most anything else you might need.  I can send support via the internet OR I could take a trip and see the desert before the heat takes hold OR I could encourage others to plan their meetings, seminars, conferences, and vacations in the desert southwest of Arizona.

I will not intentionally toss my dollars (as weak as they are) toward Los Angeles or San Francisco.  No way.  Stand firm Arizona for what you believe.  There are many more of us supporting you.image Saguaro Cactus Blossom – Carnegica Gigantea

Arizona State Flower

And who didn’t have a crush on Mark Lindsay?

Hello?  Anyone?  Anyone there?  Hello?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don’t Be Stupid Be a Smarty

Finally.  Mel Brooks will be getting is star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  What has taken so long?!  He will receive his honor on Friday, April 23.  I would love to be there; but hope the wonders of the internet will help recreate the moment.  Anyone lucky enough to be there is just that---plain lucky.

When I create my dream luncheon, Mel Brooks is always on the guest list.  I want to be surrounded with laughter, good food, and great memories.

Here are a few classics:

The Producers

At least watch the first few minutes.

History of the World Part I

This movie should be required viewing in every World History course.  Very difficult to pick out a favorite clip.  Whenever I meet someone by the name of Bob, I instantly become Madeline Kahn.

Young Frankenstein

My absolute favorite.  There is no way I could pick out a favorite scene. 

Blazing Saddles

Mr. Brooks, please consider becoming governor of the great state of California.  It would be such an improvement.

Best wishes and congratulations to Mel Brooks on finally being recognized for all of his wonderful work.  I look forward to a large booth at Canter’s soon. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Party – Bakersfield, California, U. S. A.

DSC_1294_3947Cowboy hats, liberty bell, and the American flag.  This is Bakersfield, California, U. S. A.  People gathered for the 2nd Tea Party to show support for disgust toward our government.  They were trying to make a point.  People gathered to express their opinions.  There were speakers.  There were singers.  There was even prayer.  GASP!

There were signs.  Loads of signs.







DSC_1297_3950I noticed this tall chap holding a 2 sided sign up above the crowd.  He was well behaved and mostly silent.  He stood on the outside fringe next to the fire truck along with a man holding a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag.  I knew he wasn’t part of the party.  I hate to even give him a mention; but he wasn’t a disruption as long as I was there.

DSC_1301_3954 Here’s his sign.



Now, come on, Mr. Tea Party Crasher.  If you’re trying to convince people that you’re a retard (Yes, I said retard.  I use it all the time.  So there.) with your misspelled words and improper punctuation, the least you could do is lose your engineer like handwriting.

I don’t know where he came from; but he did tell me that it didn’t take him too long to get to the party.  I do hope he enjoyed his stay in Bakersfield, California, U. S. A.  And I do hope he spent plenty of money during his visit. 

Following the Tea Party, there was a street fair just a few blocks away.  The street fairs are held once each month in April, May, and June.  Then we take shelter.

Bakersfield, California, U. S. A.  That’s me.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tea Party


I’m thinking of attending the next tea party (April 15, 2010) in Bakersfield.  Not to make a statement - just to observe AND take some interesting photos.  I’m thinking of attending; but I’m not sure.  The side opposing the tea party may be interesting to observe.  Are they really from Bakersfield?  Are they there to just stir the pot?  Will any politicians show up?  If I go, I’ll be on the fringe looking in.

My favorite place is home.  If I don’t have to go anywhere, I won’t go anywhere.  I’m thinking of attending.  Maybe I’ll buy a t-shirt.

Please.  No stupid comments about tea bagging.  That’s so Ho-Hum.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Road Trip Sonoma – Part III (eats)

DSC_1406_3778 We had a continental breakfast at the Ledson Hotel before we started out.  It was wearing thin after touring the Pacific Air Museum; so we headed out to St. Helena to nosh at Tra Vigne.  I’m more of an American diner type gal; but Farmer MacGregor is a complete foodie.  This is the place he enjoys and it was really good.  We started with the organic lettuce salad.  Okay.  Since this plate of greens was $9, I figure that the salad stuff from my garden is well worth $20/salad.  The candied walnuts were my favorite part of this dish.  Next, was the Seasonal Fritto Misto.

This dish consisted of prawns, artichoke, lemons, and calamari all fried up served with a creamy dipping sauce.  Since I’m not a fan of mayonnaise (hate it), I had everything sans sauce.  The very best was the thinly sliced lemons.  Zowee.  Following that was a rosemary pizzetta.

Roasted garlic with a chunk of cambozola cheese was served with this thin, thin crust.  Farmer MacGregor simply smooshed out all the garlic and spread it on the slices.  We each took whatever amount of the cheese we liked to spread on the pieces.  Garlicy!  Next?

The roasted butternut squash ravioli inspired me to search for butternut squash seeds.  This dish had toasted sage and walnut brown butter served with the ravioli and parmesan.  This was really, really good.  Really, really good.  Dessert anyone?

I had a Meyer lemon tart.  This put the POW in powerful taste.  The dish was great from the bottom of its crispy crust through to the tangy lemon filling up to the scant meringue topping.  Too much meringue is just that – too much.  This was just right.  I couldn’t lick all the huckleberry sauce off the plate.

DSC_1392_3764 DSC_1394_3766

Bread pudding was next for the farmer.  Candied orange rinds and raisins joined the pantone bread to make the pudding.  This was topped with Frangelico ice cream.  The farmer loves his Frangelico.DSC_1391_3763 The place was fairly empty so we had excellent service from a very nice staff.  We’ve been there when it’s busy and the service is just as great.  If you enjoy food and flavors, Tra Vigne is really a nice experience when visiting St. Helena.DSC_1395_3767Farmer MacGregor spoke to the chef/owner to extend his compliments and chat about all things food.DSC_1396_3768 Here’s what the rest of the place looks like.

DSC_1387_3759 Entrance

DSC_1400_3772 At the end of this patio is the smoke house.  The waiter recommended the short ribs and said they could be eaten with a spoon because of their tenderness.DSC_1401_3773 View from the roadside through to the patio and back to the restaurant.DSC_1386_3758 The Tra Vigne dude makes a great scarecrow.  I want one for my garden.DSC_1408_3780 We drove passed the Tra Vigne Pizzeria on our way back to the Ledson Hotel in Sonoma and I noticed a huge tomato.  It looks just like the one on top of Frugatti’s in Bakersfield.

The plans for dining at Della Santina’s in Sonoma would have to be cancelled.  There was no room to stuff more food.  Too bad.  The place came highly recommended.  We did see it though from across the street in the bookstore.  The bookstore sells eggs but does not sell newspapers.  We’ll keep Della Santina’s on the list for our next visit.

Sonoma was a nice place to get away for a few days before returning to Spring chores.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Road Trip Sonoma – Part II

DSC_1322_3694 We gave our sneakers a rest, left Sonoma, and headed up to Santa Rosa to visit the Pacific Coast Air Museum.  The museum is located at the Charles M. Schulz Airport.  Cool.  DSC_1339_3711As we entered Santa Rosa, I noticed the walking paths are lined with wisteria.  Really. Does everything grow beautifully here?  DSC_1362_3734Farmer MacGregor is a huge fan of military aviation – especially WWII.  Oh yeah.  He can fly the crap out of an Medal of Honor Airborne.  It seems like a place old boys love to hang out.  Farmer MacGregor enjoyed guiding our tour.DSC_1342_3714 DSC_1370_3742 I enjoyed this kind of stuff…DSC_1340_3712 DSC_1344_3716 DSC_1358_3730 

Next up – eats.