Sunday, May 31, 2009


My brother finally finished his PhD stuff and threw himself a party.


Monday, May 25, 2009


Enjoy Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Woody VI

It's hard to believe that ganstas are marking up cowboy country. Very maddening.

These were some sad sights on Blue Mountain Road.
KaPow! We scooted on out of there when we heard several loud explosions. It could have been harmless target practice. It could have been a coyote shoot. It could have been a cannon blowing up during a Civil War reenactment. We were not sticking around to find out. Maybe the cowboys were holding court for the gangstas.
We headed on up the mountain.

Woody V

Some of the buildings aren't long for this world; but they were fairly interesting to capture from the driver's seat.
We moved on up the road and pulled off on Blue Mountain Road to stretch our legs (6 legs needed to be stretched.).

Kinda looks like it could be on a Beatles album...don't it? BLAM! BOOM! BANG!

Woody IV

We made it to Woody. I pulled into the empty parking lot at the Woody Community Hall and opened the door for the pup. He was out. He was locked on to an abundance of ground squirrels. That could explain why there were so many snakes in the road. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures.
Another historic marker to educate me about the area.

Woody III

Leaving evidence of punks behind, we continue to climb through the foothills into the Sierra Nevada mountains.
The higher we climb the more oak trees.
We wove our way through the pastures of cattle, goats, and horses.

Woody II

The elevation was increasing as we moved into the Sierra Nevada foothills from the Kern River Oilfield. I turned the radio to a classic country station and belted out tunes with Willie, David Allen Coe, Charlie Rich, and many others.
We came across an historic landmark or two. Here's the 1st one that looks to be used for rifle practice. I don't know what the landmarks look like anywhere else; but in Kern County I notice that a stone monument is erected with a brass plaque affixed. Sadly, some plaques have been vandalized or even removed. Punks!
You don't have to call me Darlin', Darlin'...


Woody! Not THAT Woody---Woody, California. My pooch and I took a quick road trip on Saturday. He's excited to just go for a ride; so we loaded up and hit the road.

Heading northeast on the Glennville-Woody Road, we wound our way through the Kern River Oilfield. I decided to just point and shoot the camera as I was driving. Whenever I thought I could capture the moment, I snapped. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn't. You decide. Please excuse the bugs.

Since this blogger has a limit on the amount of images that can be downloaded, I'll need to post a couple of blogs in a series to get in some of the butt load of photos I took.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yee Haw!

I joined my friend, Leonard, at a ranch rodeo this morning. It's a fantastic place to see beautiful horses and wonderfully, practical horsemanship. It's also a great place to people watch.
The faces are hidden to protect the guilty.

Some shunned the paparazzi, while one cowboy didn't have a clue that a camera was pointed in his direction OR he could not care less. I was almost disgusted thinking that Uncle Pecos had a cell phone in his hand.

It was a horseshoe.

There was a lizard riding the warm breeze by latching onto the grandstand shade.
"Cowabunga, Dude" takes on a new meaning.

Butt, most important of all, there were many Wranglers to admire. It was a perfect Sunday. Amen.
Wrangler butts drive me nuts!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shake It

I wish this image would have been in better focus; but I had to share the action that was frozen here. Ears and lips flappin' during a happy evening in May. What a happy dog.

Sunday, May 10, 2009