Saturday, January 23, 2010

Word Cloud


 Wordle is a site where you can construct word clouds.  The one here simply linked to this blog and automatically generated a word cloud from much of the text found here.  You can make your own word cloud like this one of a few of the words that bug me.


  • Once the word cloud is created, select Open in Window.
  • Make a screen shot of your cloud (Ctrl + Print Screen).
  • If you’re using Windows Live Writer, paste your screen shot into the post you’re working on.
  • Select the cloud and crop using the option in the Advanced tab.
  • Do not use a border.

I leave these instructions for myself because I will forget in no time.  These remedial steps are in no way meant to insult any savvy technos that are rolling their eyes in wonder and disgust.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Reminds Me of Someone


Here’s another hint:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Any Publicity is Good Publicity

alg_leno_obrien_splitI believe the whole Leno vs. O’Brien thing is a publicity stunt.  Sure I could be wrong; but I feel confident in my source:


Envelope #1 applies to the current situation.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

As the World Turns

earthfaultsToday there has been chatter about a statement made that the people of Haiti are suffering from earthquake devastation because of who they are.  Bad things happen to bad people.  They brought in on themselves.  God is punishing them.  People caused this earthquake.


People are no more able to cause an earthquake then they are able to cause global warming.

Global WarmingWe humans remain little mites on the surface of the planet with bloated egos.  To even consider the possibility that we are that powerful is nuts.  We humans cannot control the climate nor earthquakes nor any other punches nature dishes out.

Now get over yourself.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Run Forrest Run!


Tonight, Alabama is playing Texas for the national championship.  Forrest Gump played for Alabama. 

Do you know what number Forrest wore?  44

Monday, January 4, 2010

Oil Can. Oil Can.

oz2 There are those that consider themselves the “enlightened” ones.  They consider themselves intelligent above “common” folk.  They are tolerant of others…as long as the others agree with everything they believe even if it’s wrong.  Anyone that doesn’t agree with these enlightened, intellectual, tolerant souls are wished dead rather than debated or ignored.  If that’s tolerance, you can keep it.

An authoress contributing to another blog suggested that a preferable recent headline would have been Doctors Say Rush Limbaugh Is On His Deathbed rather than Doctors Find Nothing Wrong With Rush Limbaugh's Heart when reporting about his recent hospitalization due to chest pains.  Commentors to that post rallied the suggestion and carried the point further.  (That blog is not linked here.  I don’t want to provide free advertisement since I’m a capitalist and wouldn’t want that blog that caters to the “tolerant” to be subjected to capitalism.  It’s the least I can do.)

They wished the man dead.

Nice.  Tolerant.

It seems to me that those tolerant souls have hearts as empty as a tin man.  Very hypocritical.  These types spout love for their fellow man.  Sure.  Right.  I suppose everyone is a hypocrite; but not everyone wishes ill to those they oppose.  These commentors are mean.

To these intolerantly tolerant people I submit they should take on the chant Oil Can just like the tin man and pray the wizard grants them a heart.

When a man's an empty kettle
He should be on his mettle
And yet I'm torn apart
Just because I'm presumin'
That I could be a human
If I only had a heart
I'd be tender, I'd be gentle
And awful sentimental
Regarding love and art
I'd be friends with the sparrows
And the boy that shoots the arrows
If I only had a heart
Picture me a balcony
Above a voice sings low
Wherefore art thou, Romeo?  (Snow White)
I hear a beat, how sweet!
Just to register emotion, jealousy, devotion
And really feel the part
I could stay young and chipper
And I'd lock it with a zipper
If I only had a heart

Remember, February is Heart Health Awareness Month.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


DSC_1373_2776 It doesn’t seem like 23 years.  Enjoy the Paula Deen Red Velvet Cake.DSC_1379_2782

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

T 2010

This is gonna be fun.