Thursday, January 14, 2010

As the World Turns

earthfaultsToday there has been chatter about a statement made that the people of Haiti are suffering from earthquake devastation because of who they are.  Bad things happen to bad people.  They brought in on themselves.  God is punishing them.  People caused this earthquake.


People are no more able to cause an earthquake then they are able to cause global warming.

Global WarmingWe humans remain little mites on the surface of the planet with bloated egos.  To even consider the possibility that we are that powerful is nuts.  We humans cannot control the climate nor earthquakes nor any other punches nature dishes out.

Now get over yourself.


g said...

I don't believe that people can bring disaster on themselves because of who they are.

But I do believe that people can alter the balance of nature by our emissions and the industrial effluvia we send out into the environment. Yes, we are little mites. But it only takes a small alteration in the balance of nature to cause change that can be disastrous.

One example? The deforestation of Haiti, caused not by evil or bad people, but by people so impoverished that they served short-term goals instead of long-term goals of preserving the island's native habitat, cutting down trees for fuel. Now, unintended, the barreness of their hillsides have made the effects of the earthquake worse than it might have been had those hillsides been forested.


The deforestation of Haiti that you mentioned in your example does not cause global warming. Certainly humans need to be responsible in their behaviors but with one goose pimple like shake, nature can reclaim the crust of the planet.

Nonetheless, the power of nature is constantly being demonstrated.


Furthermore, if man is responsible for such tragedies then these no longer will be considered "acts of God" - rather "acts of man". We're really getting into a huge mess.