Friday, June 7, 2013

PRISM Reveal Is No Surprise

It's been well over a year since posting here.  I am sparked by the revelation of the government collecting more information from it's citizens.  Astounding.  Really?  Hasn't this always been going on?  I usually assume that nothing is private if another person is involved.  Even then it's questionable.  I suppose it is possible to assume that millions of Americans thought their Internet business was private and that their cell phone use was confidential.  There are many gullible folks out there.  The last presidential election is some recent evidence of that.  But are the majority of citizens concerned with privacy?  A telephone conversation that was once taken up in the privacy of a phone booth is now held in public for all to hear.  Vomiting all their personal information on Facebook, putting their face on a camera to be interviewed following a tragedy, and YouTubing any and everything.  Sheesh.  Even us bloggers want our "very important" thoughts to be published.  I'm no exception.

What isn't a surprise is those that screamed "foul" regarding the Patriot Act are now supportive of their boy, Obama, for amping up the data collection.  Sheep will be sheep.  I am hopeful that citizens will wake up and become informed - but not much hope.