Monday, January 18, 2010

Reminds Me of Someone


Here’s another hint:


L said...

Dad. Is he watching Father of the Bride again or giving you fabulous direction such as "over there," "that way?"


New glasses. I tried on a pair and think I damaged my own eyes. Yikes - they're strong.

g said...

My quintessential "Christmas Carol" is the Mr. Magoo version, because it's the first one I ever saw as a kid.

g said...

Hi Maybelline,

Thanks for your comment about my car-failure adventure. I will ask the shop proprietor about the luck charms.

I have read that blue glass eye charms are common among Greek, Armenian and other Middle-Eastern people. The owner of the car shop in N. Hollywood was, I think, Armenian. Of course, his mechanics were both Armenian and Mexican.

So I think the charms were an amalgamation of Mexican, Central American, and Armenian. But who knows for sure? I will ask him about them when I pick up the car.

But isn't it a cool thing about a culturally mingled city like LA?

I will write later about the nightclub across the street from the Armenian car repair shop in North Hollywood!!!!!