Sunday, July 27, 2008


There's a cute contest over at Curlywurlygurly’s Weblog. It's a pretty clever idea of having some fun with M&Ms. I never win a contest; but maybe you will. Thanks to Chronicles of a Country Girl for the tip.


OneCowgirl said...

Howdie Mabelinee! Onecowgirl has a special keyborad for me - though she does not let me blog as much as I liketoo! xox Dudley do Right! - the gates open gotta go graze - I got a few days off!

Jeannelle said...

Hi, Maybelline,

I appreciate your visits to my blog and your thoughtful comments. Thought it was about time I surfed your way.

Saw this Jackson Pollock post. In Sunday's Des Moines Register was an article about Pollock's "Mural", owned by the Univ. of Iowa. They are thinking about selling it to help pay for last spring's flood damage. Here's a link to view "Mural".

Pollock's "Mural"