Saturday, July 12, 2008


We're starting construction of a pergola next week to extend our patio and replace some shade we need after removing a tree. Grape vines would grow great there with tons of sun. I was thinking of red flame grapes; but I'm afraid it will get too messy from birds and dropped fruit. I love grapes and most especially love when the leaves change colors. My second choice (and probably the winner) is wisteria. Although it usually only blooms once in the spring, I am now getting a second bloom.

Does anyone have vine suggestions for hot, dry Bakersfield, California (Zone 8-9)?

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Country Girl said...

You already mentioned my suggestion, which was wisteria. The go-to person for plants is Mental Pause Mama in CT. She seems to have a wealth of knowledge. I don't think she'd mind answering your question! Tell her I sent you her way.

There's a link for her on my blogroll.