Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hades Has Been Unleashed

Holy Hot Dog it's hot! My car thermometer read 112 this afternoon. The hottest car thermometer reading I ever saw was driving into Las Vegas from St. George on a September afternoon. 126! I thought my tires were going to melt to the road. Come on October. Summer is killing me.

How hot is it wherever you're sipping lemonade?


Country Girl said...

It ain't too bad here today, but I do have the AC on. It's ok enough to be sitting in the shade, and the humidity is way down. I'm sipping Bigelow's mint iced tea.

Nice little blog you have here, Maybelline!

However did you do that nifty little thing with the pictures that change?


You must be referring to the slideshow portion of the template. I'm a novice and just followed the instructions.