Friday, June 25, 2010

Peggy West…doh!

Now, I spout of sometimes and say some pretty stupid things; but next to good old Peggy I’m a genius.  Peggy West is a 12th District Supervisor in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.  

Thank goodness she’s not on the school board.


Jim said...

It's actually worse than you initially presumed b/c she volunteers at a middle school! Hopefully she's not mentoring geography.

"... and serves as a mentor at Notre Dame Middle School." Taken from her Milw County Webpage (


*Jim - Holy cow. She is a fine example for the endorsement of home schooling.

I truly wish people would take the time to read the short piece of legislation.

Life With Dogs said...

Shoot, the video is gone. I was ready to be pissed!


Oh dang.
Sorry the video was pulled.
If you have the time, do a search.