Thursday, June 10, 2010


image Oh yes, I voted.  I’m one of the few.  Thanks to the rest of you for staying home.  My vote was made more powerful without having to deal with the business of cancelling your vote.  The minority of the population that voted rules the majority that didn’t take the time to mark a ballot.  Thank you.

Additionally, I have been called to jury duty.  What book should I take?  I’m considering True Grit since the movie is being re-made to more closely follow the book.  Do you think the attorneys will look at me with eyes for dismissal if I carry in a copy of True Grit?   Or will they look at with the eye(s) of  Rooster Cogburn?




Editorial Note:
"Or will they look at ME with the eye(s) of Rooster Cogburn?"

I've ordered a 1st edition of True Grit for my Jury read. By the way, I'm in group #1 and will definately be called to serve.

Anonymous said...

I have True Grit in the reading queue for the summer, assuming we get moved with my ability to read still in tact. The new version was filmed close by (although closely guarded) and I'll look forward to seeing home on film.


*cottage - I ordered a 1st edition of True Grit as my entertainment during jury duty. My book source of choice it the public library so this is a big splurge.