Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fight for the Right…

In keeping with the whole illegal immigration thing, I bring you the awesome Bick Benedict.

Now Arizona isn’t proposing to take on illegal immigration ala Sarge.  Arizona is merely protecting its citizens---all of its citizens.  I would liken Sarge to those siding with illegal immigration---forcing illegal junk on citizens.  Big bullies.

Good Ol’ Bick is representing Arizona citizens---all of its citizens.  He’s fighting for the protection of everyone.  He’s fighting for the right. 

The recent play by Arizona’s Corporation Commission threatening to restructure contracts providing electricity to Los Angeles due to the LA boycott of Arizona delights me.  What great strategy.  I’m almost certain the energy could be put to good use in neighboring Las Vegas.  Has anyone in California bothered to read Section 834 of the California Penal Code?  Geez – it looks like Arizona’s SB1070.  The only difference is Arizona plans to finally enforce the law.  California is just grabbing its ankles.  Ouch.

I do hope the fight to enforce immigration laws is more successful than Good Ol’ Bick’s fight.


Side note:  Rock Hudson – what a waste of man.  Mmmmm.  Mmmmm.  Mmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Rock on, Maybelline.

Anonymous said...

Exactly true.

Tom said...

That's a funny and interesting take on the subject.

Bill Bird said...

What? You mean? Really? There's another Republican gardener out there? Where have you been Maybelline???


Ah ah ah, Bill. Not a Republican. Not a Democrat. I simply a thinking voter that enjoys gardening.

I'm misunderstood by those that think I'm mean.