Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arizona Has Taken Off Those Rainbow Shades!

 image Arizona is realizing the wrath of two bankrupt (financially and morally) cities in bankrupt California along with other ne’er do wells.  These modern day Gomorrahs view things so totally opposite from me that one day I may take a bite of the mushroom they are enjoying to see what it’s like.

Until then, I plan to throw financial support to businesses in Arizona.  There are organic gardening supply companies, organic beefpet supplies, and most anything else you might need.  I can send support via the internet OR I could take a trip and see the desert before the heat takes hold OR I could encourage others to plan their meetings, seminars, conferences, and vacations in the desert southwest of Arizona.

I will not intentionally toss my dollars (as weak as they are) toward Los Angeles or San Francisco.  No way.  Stand firm Arizona for what you believe.  There are many more of us supporting you.image Saguaro Cactus Blossom – Carnegica Gigantea

Arizona State Flower

And who didn’t have a crush on Mark Lindsay?

Hello?  Anyone?  Anyone there?  Hello?


L said...

I bet that crazy hippie from SD will be all over this!!

USA_Admiral said...

Great post.

Arizona is proving to be a state of leaders.

Aunt Snow said...

Hi, MAYBELLINE - let's agree to disagree about this one.

I want to thank you for the suggestion you left me about the subway photo. I took lots of them, and if I'm able, I will try to do as you suggest - it really is a whole sensory experience - people, sounds, smells, atmosphere - what a good idea and inspiration you have given me.


Aunt Snow - I can't give up on you yet. You'll come around. I have faith.

I do look forward to your photos and posts.