Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tea Party


I’m thinking of attending the next tea party (April 15, 2010) in Bakersfield.  Not to make a statement - just to observe AND take some interesting photos.  I’m thinking of attending; but I’m not sure.  The side opposing the tea party may be interesting to observe.  Are they really from Bakersfield?  Are they there to just stir the pot?  Will any politicians show up?  If I go, I’ll be on the fringe looking in.

My favorite place is home.  If I don’t have to go anywhere, I won’t go anywhere.  I’m thinking of attending.  Maybe I’ll buy a t-shirt.

Please.  No stupid comments about tea bagging.  That’s so Ho-Hum.


Aunt Snow said...

How do you get the "read more" thing to happen in your blog posts? I think I might like to use that for some of my longer posts.

Report back on the tea party. What's the real motivation, real situations for the participants?

I am planning to volunteer at the Remote Area Medical Clinic that's coming back to LA at the end of the month. I'm not a medical pro, but I think they need some unskilled volunteers for line management and staffing registration tables.


The "read more" came with the template. You can search for free Blogger templates and just follow the instructions to apply it to your blog.

Life With Dogs said...

I'd go, but my motives would be entertainment related. I'm all for a good political discussion, but fervor is still more fun to watch.

USA_Admiral said...

I would go if you get a chance.

It should be a good time as they are good people.

I am going to the May 1st one here in Jacksonville.

Melissa said...

Maybelline, my husband and I went to the one here in Mongtomery, AL last year, but we will not be able to make the one tomorrow. I have a doctor's appointment. You should go!

Here's a nice FREE pattern for a bib style apron:


And if that one doesn't suit you, here are many, many more to choose from:


I hope you find something you like! I love aprons. I have several, but my favorite is a full contact (store-bought) apron that keeps me clean all over.

Have fun!