Friday, April 2, 2010

Road Trip Sonoma – Part II

DSC_1322_3694 We gave our sneakers a rest, left Sonoma, and headed up to Santa Rosa to visit the Pacific Coast Air Museum.  The museum is located at the Charles M. Schulz Airport.  Cool.  DSC_1339_3711As we entered Santa Rosa, I noticed the walking paths are lined with wisteria.  Really. Does everything grow beautifully here?  DSC_1362_3734Farmer MacGregor is a huge fan of military aviation – especially WWII.  Oh yeah.  He can fly the crap out of an Medal of Honor Airborne.  It seems like a place old boys love to hang out.  Farmer MacGregor enjoyed guiding our tour.DSC_1342_3714 DSC_1370_3742 I enjoyed this kind of stuff…DSC_1340_3712 DSC_1344_3716 DSC_1358_3730 

Next up – eats.


Aunt Snow said...

That museum reminds me of one down here in LA. They have everything!

Babe said...

So nice! I want one of the signs!!