Friday, February 5, 2010

Road Trip Part II – Huntington Library

DSC_1129_2997 After a day at the races, we moved on to visit the Huntington Library.  There’s a mansion that houses fine art.  And I mean fine art.  Not the kind of art where someone gathers garbage together and fancies themselves an artist.  They continue the charade by convincing others that the garbage is art – similar to the the naked emperor I suppose.  This stuff was fine and there was loads of it.  The docents were interesting to listen and learn from.  I took photos inside; but with the “no flash” restriction the photos are less than remarkable.DSC_1133_3001 All the beauty isn’t indoors.  There are acres of botanical beauty to explore.  DSC_1158_3026

DSC_1159_3027 DSC_1134_3002This is the biggest hydrangea I’ve ever seen.  Isn’t that crazy?  Remarkable.DSC_1148_3016This is impressive.  What must the dog that uses this look like?DSC_1156_3024Visiting the green house was more than we could bear.  The heat and humidity was nothing we wanted to experience in February.  Our summer is coming soon enough.  Out we went. DSC_1153_3021 You need to make sure to allow plenty of time (all day) to explore.  Make sure to wear sneakers if you go.  You can thank me later.DSC_1154_3022 See what I mean?DSC_1157_3025Prepare to walk and walk and walk and walk….huntington 1924Here’s what the grounds looked like in 1924 (courtesy LA Public Library). Huntington 2007 And here’s what the place looks like today.  Sheesh!  Take some sneakers.

The contents of the library itself is pretty remarkable.  Interestingly, a book I coveted at Hearst Castle was on display in the Huntington – Land of Little Rain by Mary Austin (1903).  austinmaetext95lndlr10-thumbThe debate between Lincoln and Douglas with surveying books from George Washington were on display.  There were loads and loads of cases containing many interesting works.

It cost $20 to enter and explore.  Admission to The Huntington is free to all visitors on the first Thursday of every month with advanced tickets. Hours on Free Day are 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Reserve enough time and wear sneakers. 

converse_high_heel_sneakersThese sneakers are not recommended for comfortable touring.

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Life With Dogs said...

Ouch, I can see why they are not recommended!

As a lover of nature and architecture, this post was right up my alley. Lovely place!