Sunday, October 11, 2009


trollThis image was found online.  Thanks to whomever image I’m borrowing.

Someone called me a troll.  That reminded me of the pink haired troll I had as a child.  (My brother’s troll had orange hair.)  Thinking of my pink haired troll reminded me that October is breast cancer awareness month.  That reminded me that it’s time to go get my boobs squashed.

I suppose I should thank that someone for calling me a troll.  But I won’t.


Isabella Golightly said...

I just wanted to apologise for my snippy tone on Monda's blog the other day - I was a bit shocked, and still am, that people in the US seem to be underestimating the impact your President has had on the rest of the world - those of us who weren't lucky enough to vote for him think he's pretty damn' good. Also, I would never call you a troll - definitely not good manners.


Isabella: No apology necessary. Someone else did the troll calling.
I can't agree with you on Obama; but it's the process we have in the US. I wish him health and happiness.

Anonymous said...

Troll?! That's ridiculous.

g said...

Hi, Maybelline,

thanks for commenting on my blog. Yes, the guy is not really nice - I meant his outward manner, the way he presented himself.

With people like that I AM generally too nice, but there's always a moment, it's like a pivot point, where my feelings flip on them. He is a liar and a con-man.

Oddly enough, in the last 24 hours he has come through with all that we required, and we are going forward with him project. We have been paid everything he owed us, and we can make more revenue by allowing his project to go on than by not.

But for me, I simply have no more trust for him, and when this job is over after tomorrow - it's over for me.

Frankly, I am noticing that he is now bending over backwards to stay in our good graces.

One thing I like to do when I encounter people I dislike is to try to imagine them as a character in a novel or story I am writing. What makes them tick? What trouble can I imagine them into? What revelation or epiphany might change them? Or what kind of justice might they reap?

it makes it easier to deal with them in person when I can think about writing about them.

Best to you.

PS - trolls with pink hair are really cute. I had one as a kid too.