Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lunch Table

What 6 people (living or dead) would you have at your lunch table?  I’ve asked this question over the years and received a wide range of answers.  Some were very serious (Jesus Christ, Thomas Jefferson, Adam, etc.).  Some were silly.  I prefer silly.  A recent blogger I follow brought up the question but limited the guest list to 3 and it seemed as though the conversation would be waaaay too serious for me to enjoy.  Here’s who I would like at my lunch table today:

grouchomarx Groucho Marx- cracks me up.

steve-allen Steve Allen – riot!

bob-hope Bob Hope – right here!

lucille-ball-bwLucy – classic.

red-skelton-3 Red Skelton – God bless.

NUP_109189_0361 Tom Selleck – Mercy!

I prefer to laugh until the great food and drink squirts from my nose rather than be bogged down with serious conversation.

Who would you invite to lunch?  Share any details you like.


Mr. Bojangles said...

1. Tina Fey
2. Alec Baldwin
3. Lucille Ball
4. Bea Arthur
5. Dustin Hoffman( as Tootsie)
6. Jack Lemon


I was considering replacing Red Skelton with Jack Benny; but I'll invite Mr. Benny to another setting.

g said...

Maybelline, your comment after me on Mrs. G's site - "Lionel Hampton is dead. Really. He's not just old. He's dead."

Hmm....So, technically I was right. Right?

Thanks, btw - you made me laugh this morning when I revisited my somewhat wine-fueled rant comment on Aaryn's post!

I love your pug photo!

Red Skelton was one of my dad's absolutely favorites. I think I'd like Gilda Radner at the table, too.

Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams would be great. Or let's get crazy and invite Lord Buckley. Lenny Bruce?


I receive all kinds of grief for my Belfer comments - no matter how mild.

Hey - not a pug. That boy's an English Mastiff.

Thanks for commenting.

g said...

What kind of knucklehead would mistake an English mastiff for a pug? Only me....