Monday, March 23, 2009

The Hills Are Alive...

This afternoon, I went for a walk in the hills with the Dude and the dog. Note: I pronounce "hill" as if I'm from Texas (heel). I'm not. The rain yesterday cleared the skies and sweetened the grass. The hills in the foreground are used by cross country runners training to win, Bureau of Land Management firemen training to put out forest fires (The Sierra Nevadas are in the distance.), mountain bike enthusiasts, and middle aged fulump-a-dumps walking their dog.

We parked at the base of the hills along with all the others. As soon as I opened the door of the Element, the poopy dog rolled out to get started. He was enthusiastic. He was so enthusiastic that he had to leave evidence that he is the most efficient food processor around. Pee You! At the base was a BLM fireman suited up for training. He had a backpack loaded with weights along with a shovel. We started about the same time except we took different paths. He's the tiny little yellow dot on the image below. He's also the even tinier little yellow dot on the image above. Click on either photo for a bigger view.

Soon this grass will be golden brown and the BLM guy will be sweating bullets with the heat from the sun and heat from the fire. The skies will be full of smoke and hazy and this view will be a dream. I'll try to return and take a picture of one of those ugly days. Until then, I'm loving the weather.


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures! We woke up to a deck covered in ice, so I appreciate even the sight of green grass.

USA_Admiral said...

Enjoy these.

It will get very hot much too soon.