Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dody Goodman Day Today

Did you ever see the movie Splash? Dody Goodman is in that movie. She plays the character of a woman - Mrs. Stimler - who is a bit off (See picture above.). Here's a nice quote from the movie to explain what I'm talking about:

Allen: Are there any messages?
Mrs. Stimler: Oh, yes. [goes back to typing]
Allen: [pause] And they are?
Mrs. Stimler: Oh, you're father called, he wants you to call him back.
Allen: [pauses] Um, my father passed away several years ago.
Mrs. Stimler: [confused look] Shall I ring him for you?
Allen: No, thanks.

Today, I was Dody Goodman. All day long I was a bit off. Thankfully, I didn't expose myself in the extreme manner of good old Dody. Hope your Friday the 13th is a good one.

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USA_Admiral said...

Days like this are tough to get through.