Sunday, January 9, 2011

Palin, the Beatles, Charles Manson and more!

image Courtesy Monero Hernandez

Here’s a little math to consider:

Sarah Palin  : Jared Laughner

just as

Beatles : Charles Manson

To make the leap that Sarah Palin is responsible for what Jared Laughner allegedly did is preposterous and only coming from those that can’t stand Palin to begin with.  To say that her election map with cross hairs ignited “wacko” Laughner’s actions is also preposterous.  The map is an area map.  The political representatives were not the direct target – the districts were.


Oh, I don’t have to bother to explain the absurdity of that argument here.  Anyone visiting here is like minded (typically).

The crime Laughner is accused of is not right, left, Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, or even Toga Party.  If he is found guilty of this crime, I’m certain we can all agree that swift justice is necessary.

Let’s stay tuned and learn what facts are revealed as the investigation continues and hope for the best for those suffering.



Anonymous said...

Thank you, finally a voice of reason!

USA_Admiral said...

It was a terrible day.

It is a great comparison you draw here May. I never liked the Beatles much and I remember reading all about the "Helter Skelter" theory.

It makes you wonder how many other crazies are out there waiting for their moment of havoc.

I also have never seen such hatred for a woman before. It is on the brink of an insanity. I don't think they hate Charlie Manson as much as Sarah Palin.

Martin Neill said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. In answer to your question, I only grow leeks, lettuce and radishes, in a raised bed. My soil is very chalky which does not lend itself to veg growing. By the way, my fave film is Young Frankenstein too! Frau Blacher naaaaayyyyy....


* Admiral - I do believe the strongest "haters" of Palin are women. We behave so terribly sometimes. Palin is no dummy...+$23 million earned in 2010, mayor, governor, VP candidate, TV show, commentator, etc. If that's dumb---sheesh.

*Martin - I think your comment was meant to be over at my blog, Maybelline's Garden. Thanks for getting back to me. Glad we would be able to sit down and enjoy the best movie ever.

Linda Primmer said...

Very interesting post. I live near Sacramento, California.
I am your newest follower.

Aunt Snow said...

It's an interesting argument, but I think you are mixing apples and oranges, Maybelline.

The Beatles were not making a political ad, attempting to affect an election or the status of an occupant in a political office. While I agree that Laughner's problem was probably not related to politics, it is absolutely true that Sarah Palin was using a gun violence symbol in order to make a political argument.

I am sure that she did not expect, assume or intend that anyone would take her literally. Yet it is unfortunately true that her misjudgement led to the public perception that she was making a reckless connection.

That's why SMART politicians think about the implications of what they say, and understand that, as leaders, their words can influence people. Even in ways they do not intend.


Yeah Linda! Belated welcome.
Aunt, yes politicians words can influence people as witnessed by the lady presidential election. I'm amazed that more than one person was duped by Mr. Obama's words. Gads what a mess.