Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fire From The Heartland

This post is just plain good.  It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my thinking.  It’s nice to know that we’re piping up.  There will certainly be put downs from threatened people – mostly other women; but so what.  I’ll be interested to read rebuttals; but mostly I’ll be interested to learn how many more think like me.

Check out Fire From The Heartland The Awakening of the Conservative Woman.




Farmer Cindy said...

Your link didn't work for me so I googled Fire From The Heartland. How exciting. For many years I was a teacher and had to be politically correct in my statements. I SO regret my cowardice in stating what I really believed. I just remained silent. NOT ANY MORE!


*Farmer: Hope the link works now. Check out the 1st link for a great review from BlogHer.

Life With Dogs said...

Link is working now - on the way to check it out.

And thanks! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm seeing this so late - I have to get out more.

Interesting that an editor from blogher felt it necessary to suggest that "we should be careful" - of what, offending her? There's such an intellectual gap when it comes to dealing with the reality of the issues we face. It's become a crying in the microphone game of "she hurt my feelings". Unconstitutional spending on unconstitutional programs? No problem. Call bull on the 911 widows? Treason.

I'm not sure the author of the original post was doing the best job of defending her position, but for an editor to do a decidedly poor job of rebuttle, and to essentially personally insult the contributor and not cite a single example to validate her accusations? - so tired.

Thanks for the heads up on the film!