Saturday, March 20, 2010


I needed some worms for my garden.  Today, I went to the local hardware store to grab a bucket.  They were all out of worms.  I think I know where I can get a great, big, fat worm…

image…Washington D.C.  Congressman Jim Costa announced he will vote yes for the health care bill.  WORM!

I know where to score another worm…


…Sacramento, CA.  State Senator Roy Ashburn was arrested recently for DUI while driving a State vehicle with a passenger in the car.   Oh, he’s been a worm for years.  He’s been a worm since he was my County Supervisor.  WORM!

I guess that’s what it takes to be a politician.

I’ll stick with the real deal.  They at least do the job they are hired to do and cost me a lot less money and freedom.  WORMS!image


Anonymous said...

I fell off the lurking wagon and read some at the WC today - there's bad manners, and then there's mean spirited- I'm certainly capable of the former, but that doesn't excuse the latter. You handled one persons comments in particular with grace and strength - I'm conflicted about whether or not to encourage you, because at this point I am perplexed by the intent of some, except that you shouldn't let anyone run you off simply for voicing your convictions.

Oh, and I agree with you about health care "reform". Although in the interest of there being something good in everything, I am glad the bill included the restriction of insurance companies dropping coverage when people become ill. Bad faith, that, and bad business. I hope that part sticks, at least. Be well.


Child, you should comment. By voicing our opinions with strength and grace we can squash the bullying. That is the reason I encouraged someone named K.

I really hadn't gone back to the WC after the PW thing. I wasn't involved in the affair. I found I have lost interest in both of those sites. Whatever the reason, today I decided to take a look at the WC and vowed not to comment. Then, I had to rally for K and not let her think she was wrong to have differing opinions.

There are a few that contribute that truly do enjoy debate. There are bullies as well. There are a lot of bullies. This is why you should comment. Comment and look away if you like. Don't return for a time. But comment.


If anyone else is reading and wondering, there is a post at the Women's Colony today regarding health care reform. I held back. When they take on illegal immigration, I must not even have my keyboard plugged in or it will blow up.

Anonymous said...

At some point, I probably will comment again, big mouth that I am, although I relinquished my "membership?" status.

There are so many good writers and interesting people there... even the writers I usually disagree with most can tell a story in a way I find compelling. I enjoy stretching outside my comfort zone, politically and philosophically, steel sharpening steel and all...I just find the double standard of "tolerance" is disengenuous. Nice=agree...very conventional and herd-like for such a supposedly forward thinking group. And that question - why are you here if you disagree - really - the lazy thinking is revealing in and of itself. I listened carefully to the last comment in reply to one I'd made and decided - that's exactly what I don't want to sound like, whether I'm misunderstood or not. The reflection in the mirror was liberating. Make no mistake, there's a goon squad over there who is humorless and mean - and silently endorsed, in my opinion - I don't engage those sorts of people in my everyday life, I certainly don't have any intention of doing so in what is supposed to by my recreation.

So, enough whining - it's just not a match for me, is all. Have lots of new blog-world friends, though, because of it, and again, something good comes from all things.

Anonymous said...

And of course I'm so lame, I just mouthed off over there again, today! Pitiful.