Sunday, November 15, 2009


C came over today.  She’s pretty interesting.  Educated.  Traveled.  Athletic.  Versatile.  She worked the summer in Alaska then traveled to Italy and Spain just “because”.  She wants a good camera.  She wants my camera.  She wanted to play with my camera. 

Here’s what she did:


DSC_1007_2321  DSC_1009_2323




I think C needs to break down and get herself a camera.


g said...

She's pretty good!!

Thanks for the comment about the Fit. It's the one I think I like best - although I still have to test drive it.

Our other car is a Ford Fusion hybrid, which I like a lot, only it's more than I want to spend for a second car.

I test-drove an Insight at a "green cars" show - but I didn't have enough time to really get a feel for it. My brother has an older Honda Civic hybrid and doesn't like it.

Why don't they make a Fit hybrid??

Carin said...

I think you're quite right! And the memory would be full of great pictures in no time I bet.