Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Strange what some consider friends.  Most would rate a mere acquaintance as a friend so they have a basket load.  Relatives are a whole different beast.

A friend to me is someone that knows me, has common interests, and can be counted on.  With that definition, I believe I have two friends.  How many friends do you truly have?

For even further confirmation regarding friendship, I consulted the I Love Lucy Guide to Life.  Enjoy.

Don’t be a bit of flotsam in the Sea of Life.


Jodi Anderson said...

Oh, enjoy ... INDEED! Lucy and Ethel, Ethel and Lucy. I wish that I had a friend like that who lived in my vicinity.

I'd say that I have about ten friends that fit your defnition, but most of them live a few hours (if not ten states) away.

I really enjoyed the clips. Thanks for making me smile with those. :)

g said...

Hi, Maybelline. I saw your comment at the Colony about the Cabana Boy, and the response to it.

I'm kinda with you not being thrilled by Newsome, for probably different reasons since I don't share your politics. But you shouldn't have been slammed for it.

I just wanna say..... if you don't have anything nice to say about someone? ....come sit by me.



Thanks, g.
I adore Alice Roosevelt.
As for, nevermind.
It's really not important.

Thanks again.