Saturday, July 18, 2009

World Peace


There are many disturbing issues in the world that bother me – illegal immigration, government intrusion, world peace, irresponsible people / businesses with their hands out, people acting like Chicken Little shouting that the Earth is warming! These are things I have decided not to get my undies in a wad over. My mantra will be to concentrate on things that I can control.

I decided to try to grow the perfect tomato. I have grown the perfect tomato. Let the angels sing. I picked my perfect Ace tomato this morning. A cool, refreshing breeze kissed my cheek to confirm that this was the perfect tomato. A photograph was taken to mark this date in history. Imagine, the photo didn’t even need to be touched up at all. The above image is straight out of the camera.

Now, I will move on to conquer something else. Perhaps I will grow the perfect pumpkin later this summer. For now, I will be satisfied with my accomplishment and look to creating the perfect salsa.

Just kidding about the cool, refreshing breeze. We got a fever of 103 today. Es muy caliente.


Rowena... said...

So that's where this tomato had been hiding. I went to your other blog, as it's on my links, so now that I've pretty much toured the virtual gardens, I will now lay down for a nap.

Leanda said...

It is indeed, in every way, perfect!