Saturday, June 27, 2009

August 1977

The recent death of Michael Jackson sent my mind back to August 16, 1977 - the day Elvis died. My 17 year old cousin from England was visiting for the summer. She missed the bicentennial celebration a year earlier; but she enjoyed the 4th of July in the "colonies". We had both just earned our drivers' licenses and had loads of summertime fun. The only car I had to drive was a 1962 Plymouth Valiant.
It was a two door with a push button transmission. I was completely embarrassed to drive it; but it got us around and the radio worked. Our fun was innocent and very inexpensive. In that year, the price of gas jumped to about $0.75 a gallon. We could turn in soda bottles or aluminum cans for cash to buy the gas (...and we griped that gas was too high!). If we wanted to enjoy a swim, we would pool hop. That's where we would enjoy a swimming pool at a local hotel. If we got caught, we went to another hotel. With her accent, we never got busted.
Her departure date was August 16. I can't remember the reason her flight was delayed; but she was thrilled to have been in America the same day that Elvis died.


sig94 said...

My Dad had a 62 Valiant when I was in high school. I loved that car.

Leanda said...

What a great little story... I remember clearly the day Elvis died. I was 9 but I was completely in love with him because my baby-sitter was into him and brought records round which we would dance to. I was devastated. Love this car too! Your blog is a very entertaining read...