Friday, April 10, 2009

Tea Party

On April 15, there will be protests called tea parties held all over the country. The protests are a result of the huge spending bill with an attempt to tap the revolutionary spirit of the Boston Tea Party. I don't think this will do anything more than boost the ratings of talk radio among those that already listen. It's a grand, organized (kind of) effort to make a point that really won't do anything at all except raise awareness. Maybe that's good enough.

My hope is that this awareness will encourage everyone to vote. If you enjoy government growing even larger, you can take another bite of that mushroom and vote to keep the current politicians employed. If you would prefer that government shrink (hahahahaha), you can take another bite of that same mushroom and vote to fire the current politicians.

If I attend any of these parties it will be to take photos. I don't plan on attending; but I am interested to learn what affect the tea parties will have other than publicity. Maybe people on both sides of the mushroom will start to think a bit more on there own and shed their sheep skins.

Let me know if you're going to a party or if you attended. I'm curious to know the details.


USA_Admiral said...

People should debate it. It is a lot of money that future generation will be paying for.


I'm feeling very apathetic. Now I'll go walk the dog and then plant some nasturtiums. Doing things I have control over.