Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Man, this is taking a long time. The columns have finally had the concrete block and brick facing completed. Next step, final walkway. Then, the gravel can get combed out. When will I ever get to plant my wisteria?!


The Texican said...

Hey Maybelline - Sounds like the title of an old Rock and Roll tune. Glad you came by Pappy's for a visit. According to Dwight Yoakum not everyone can walk the streets of Bakersfield. I am getting response from several across the pond and in Canada. It has been an interesting political year. Glad things are going well with your construction. Come by and visit as often as you can. Pappy

barbara said...

that's beautiful!
i'm sure you'll enjoy it....time for backyard parties!
our yard is kept really simple, as that's how dh prefers it for mowing (which takes approx. 2 hours on a good day). one of these years i'll have the time to try some fun things with it. (other than our basic veggie garden)